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This BumbleBee from Coach Does Not Sting


A modern sneaker is no longer just the simple rubber sole and leather or canvas foot covering most probably crudely stitched together by unskilled hands. Its purpose is no longer just protection of feet from the elements of nature, with no particular difference in design between left shoe and right shoe. Today’s sneaker is a carefully designed piece of ergonomic technology, with careful consideration to the biomechanics of feet. Aside from sneaker features like shock-absorption, motion control, and stability; appearance is a major concern. Now there is an assortment of sneaker colors and hues, motifs, designs, and styles. The sneaker has evolved to become a fashion accessory.


 It is a welcome addition to the athletic shoe market when the designers at Coach started making sneakers. The Coach brand of fashion products have been well known since 1941 for quality, durability, and style. Quality leather handbags, boots, belts, scarves, watches, and other lifestyle accessories are part of the Coach catalogue. Their sneakers are equipped with padded insole and non-skid rubber soles beautifully crafted for comfort and endurance. The colors come in classic black, khaki, silver, gold, and copper with different designs to choose from, for instance the bumble bee motif. The bumble bee motif has been repeated in various Coach Products like the Coach Lilac Optic Bumble Bee Tote, the Coach Bumblebee Flower Straw Leather Wristlet, the Coach Bumble Bee Signature Scarf Bag, the Coach White Optic Bumble Bee Purse Wallet Set, the Coach Bumble Bee Key Fob Chain, the Swing Pack, the Appliqué Bag, the Duffle Purse, the Swing Pack, the Coach Bumble Bee Sandals, and the Coach Sneakers too.

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