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Handle Your Beauty Stash with Flair with a Coach Cosmetic Bag

Coach Cosmetic Bag      What items do you splurge on? If you’re the jetsetting or party goer who keeps purchasing and bringing along with you beauty products ranging from a hand gel, to lip balm, moisturizer, mascara and compact powder, not to mention  your favorite fragrance in a bottle then you most probably have a cosmetic case.  Oftentimes, though, the girl who loves shopping wherever she goes ends up adding so many items in her make up bag.    (more...)

Coach Cosmetic Bags are classy and adorable

Coach Cosmetic Bags  Why should we as women settle for an ordinary cosmetic bag, when we can have the best that Coach has to offer? Coach Cosmetic bags are very convenient in storing our make-up products, yet are graceful in their appearance when we are getting ready looking into the mirror.

  It`s kind of like "jump-starting" your morning with a Coach cosmetic case in your grasp. These bags come in a spectacular variety of colors and different styles for us women to enjoy. Whatever you decide on, let Coach start your day off right with a designer cosmetic bag.

    The many different colors available on these cosmetic bags are black leather, white and silver patchwork, brown, scribble, yellow, striped and pink just to name a few. My personal favorite is the white and silver patchwork bag. I love how it stares back at me when I`m getting ready for work in the morning. It`s white and silver patchwork with several variations on classic jacquard fabric, with white silver "c"s finishing it off. The bottom has white leather trim and a matching Coach hangtag with lavender on the interior. Just a precious little bag that is so versatile with its sparkling colors.

   This cosmetic bag will fit in most Coach handbags which is very convenient for the woman on the run.

  Consider a Coach Cosmetic bag today, and see how pleasant it is to start everyday off in style with none other than Coach!

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