Coach Drawstring Purse Review

Coach Legacy Drawstring Purse      If you are looking for a classic, funky, functional, and stylish bag all rolled into one, you should consider the famous Coach Drawstring Purse. Most Coach bags and purses have zipper closures but if you want to veer away from the traditional, the Coach Drawstring Purse is the bag for you.  

The purse has two different styles—one is a drawstring backpack and the other is a drawstring shoulder bag. Both are very convenient especially if you need to use your hands to carry other things. The Drawstring Purse is very popular among students because they usually need to carry a lot of thing aside from their bags and also for working women who are always on the go. You can use both of your hands and arms to carry other things because of the backpack and shoulder bag styles.

The purse’s closure has drawstrings—thus, the name. One good thing about drawstring bags and purses is that you will not have problems with zippers that won’t budge or damage Coach Beach Drawstring Bagthings because they got stuck upon opening or closing the bag. It is very easy to open a drawstring purse. Just loosen the string to make the bag’s opening wider or tighten the string to secure the bag. For the shoulder bag, the string is connected to the shoulder straps.

  This means that whenever you carry the bag on your shoulders and the weight of the bag pulls the bag or the straps down, the drawstring will also tighten around the bag’s opening to prevent the contents of your bags from falling off. For the backpack, the back straps are different from the drawstrings which means you really have to tighten the drawstrings by yourself.

The most common material used for this line of Coach Purses is leather. You can buy them in black, brown, blue, burgundy, and other colors. Leather is a great material for drawstring bags because it is very sturdy and can withstand constant wear and tear. Other designs include colorful bright stripes that look very beach-y. This is made from canvas material with leather lining. Canvas is also a good material for drawstring bags because it is also strong and sturdy.

Some drawstring bags have flaps while others don’t. Flaps keep your bag’s contents from other people’s view. However, some people think that the drawstring bags without flaps look funkier and trendier. Just choose the one which you think will work best for your needs.


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